Public comment history in a private Gist

Inside a private Gist (secret), I got this message after I made changes to a comment that a user made to my Gist.


Does this mean that my private Gist will be turned into a public Gist?

That just means that anyone who can see the comments can also see the edits that have been made to the comments - it doesn’t change anything about the gist itself.

I see. So the gist is still private (secret), so that’s good. But I’m not sure I understand the concern… I mean I don’t expect to keep secrets among the people (friends) I decide to share the gist link with. Is this what it’s about? Keeping secrets among friends (people I share the gist with)?..


  1. I create a private gist.
  2. I share the URL with Alice and Bob.
  3. Alice comes in and posts a comment about my gist.
  4. Bob comes in and edits the comment that Alice made.
    1. By mistake, he pastes in his super secret password.
  5. Alice comes back in and she looks at comment history and finds Bob’s password.
  6. Alice runs away and uses the password to make Bob’s life a living hell.

If I understood correctly…

So it’s to prevent this and to alert me about this that I got the popup message above?

Yup! It’s just to let you know that editing a comment doesn’t make the old comment go away - it’s important to us that people understand what information is available to others when they use GitHub.