Public Action from private repo

Is it possible to create a public GitHub Action from a private repository?

I assume not, but the docs don’t clarify that anywhere.

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Hello @charisk, thanks for joining us.

Your topic is a duplicate of a previous one here:

You may want to continue the discussion there. Since this is a duplicate topic, I’m going to close it soon.



Hi @lee-dohm,

Agree the questions are very similar but I think there is a slight difference. The previous question is aiming for a GitHub action being accessible within an organisation. I’m asking about the possibility of having a fully public action but the code being in a private repository.

I appreciate that technically this may be the same thing for GitHub at the moment, but it’s not the same from a user’s perspective IMO.

There’s really no difference from a visibility perspective. A private repo is a private repo whether it belongs to an organization or not. So while the original question is specific to an organization, the solution will be the same and therefore we’re going to collect all the conversations about actions in private repositories in that topic.

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