Prune GIT LFS files on server

I maintain a number of open source projects which use large libraries (e.g. OpenCV). I am storing these libraries (DLL, libs) using git lfs.

Now that the versions have updated a few times, there are now many versions of the library stored in git lfs - which means that the storage quota is exceeded. I don’t want to pay to store these libraries because these projects are maintained pro-bono by myself. Ideally I’d like to delete the old libraries from Git-Lfs, but it seems that the only way to do so is to delete the projects entirely grom github and to start again.

I recommend:

  1. A lower cost tier (e.g. 5GB for 1 USD / month)
  2. A free allowance for open source projects / contributors (e.g. if you have a badge?)
  3. Tools to visualise which repos are taking up what amount of storage
  4. Ability to remove files from git-lfs
  5. Store files by SHA hash so that files do not need to be stored twice

:wave: Welcome!

Support should be able to help you out with LFS if you open a ticket.

We are also working on ways to make LFS a bit more manageable, but I know we’re not quite there yet!