PRs and merge ettiquete

Few months ago, I submitted a PR to a project whose name it’s not important for this, days later the maintainer of this repo closed my PR without any comment and later deletes the develop branch (Where I submitted my PR) and then he makes a new commit to the master branch with code from the PR on it.

I don’t know if this is ok or not, but bothers me that the maintainer made that move because my name in the contribution doesn’t exist anymore. Looks like he wrote that code.

is ok what the maintainer made and I’m wrong or Is my bother justified? Does Github still consider this as a PR from my part?

Including your code without attribution to you is definitely rude. Depending on details it could potentially, maybe (if you want to know for sure, talk to a lawyer) also be a copyright violation.

If they track contributors in a file or help info or something then open a PR adding yourself :slight_smile:

Or you could open an issue linking your PR and the code which is now merged and request that it be attributed to you somehow.

It’s definitely not the typical way of doing things. On the other hand, without knowing more it’s also possible that they’re new to things and aren’t familiar with common open source etiquette. Perhaps they wanted to use your change but also didn’t want to merge it alone because it needed some additional modifications?

I’d suggest opening an issue and asking if there’s some way the attribution could be preserved perhaps by using the co-authoring feature in commits?


Great suggestion, yes giving them the benefit of the doubt is a good tack to take (IMHO).

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