Proxy eating cookies?

I’m trying to debug a web application, and the proxy (not sure if it is an actual proxy, but whatever codespaces is using to connect a browser to the running container, it is adding the header “X-Powered-by: Visual Studio Codespaces Service Worker”) seems to be eating my cookies.

If I hit the same URL but on localhost (with curl --verbose) in the terminal window, I see the “Set-Cookie” headers.

Using the browser, I see no cookie headers (looking in Chrome DevTools).

It also seems to be eating the body. I do see the body being sent (in DevTools), but the running application doesn’t. It works as expected in the terminal when I try using DevTools’ “Copy as cURL” and change the host/port.

Hey there, sorry you’re hitting this but I do have good news! This is currently a limitation in our port forwarding infrastructure but we’ll be rolling out a new port forwarder in the next week or two that will support cookie proxying and request bodies. I’ll circle back here when that’s live so you can verify that it solves these scenarios.