Provide an options to globally ignore or escape liquid tags

When projects collaborate in Markdown (or similar formats) files to create documents (to be published outside github eventually), it is useful to use Github Pages as one form of rendering those documents in their current state. However, the liquid tags get in the way for technical documentation which may have ‘{{’ used for other purposes. Escaping those for github is often not acceptable, because the given documents should be written in plain Markdown (or similar format), not written as liquid templates (because they need to be rendered to other formats as well).

Thus projects have to find ugly and complex workarounds, frequently having to use a github-pages branch in addition to the master branch to maintain escaped versions of the documents, having to remember to update that branch regularly and having to cope with merge conflicts regularly.

One such proects is

It would be nice if jekyll for github-pages provided an optional plugin to remove the need for manually escaping liquid tags, similar to how the front matter is now optional ( Octopress has such a plugin that auto-escapes as as example:

* Probably it does not even matter if the Jekyll plugin would auto-escape vs. ignore tag syntax.

* Probably if such a plugin existed, developers would also want to be able to use it only on specific files, that’s something you can think about as an extra if an easy option arises.

It looks like there is already an issue open discussing this kind of thing for Jekyll. You may want to subscribe there for updates.