Proposal SPA (single page application)

TLDR; to have a configuration over gh-pages that you can set the index.html javascript router to work with SPA.

As wee know SPA (single page application) works with javascirpt language being a manager to dinamically show new pages without reloading it, I have a built SPA running in gh-pages, but it’s is using a work arround to work “as” expected, check it out, well, as you can see when you enter in this url, you are being redirected to the router /me (index.html) that has the router javascript code to my SPA, eventually when you get a 2 level inside url like /me/posts, the behaviour of it, is rare, you can follow it by oppening your code inspector > network, and you can see that has a 404 and then a 300-?, its because I am using the gh-pages 404 custom page to force it be routed by my SPA router index.html, since I have this behaviour, I can not get my google analytics/search console working correctely.

My propouse is

gh-pages to have a configuration where you can specify the (index).html/javscript router for your spa, that is, when you set this for example, all requests will be redirected to it making you spa, and all analytics stuff work correctely.

thx in advance.


Hi @reisraff,

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve taken your suggestion and passed it along to the appropriate teams.

I don’t have an ETA on when or if this request will be implemented but this is in good hands.

Hi :wave: Team, Any update on this?

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