Proposal: Custom user themes

Wouldn’t it be a good feature if we had the option to choose our own theme setup?

Easily achievable either with YAML configs, or GUI pickers.

Personally Dark mode at this moment is too much contrasted, I would opt for something NORD like.


Hello @kaynetik,

I agree with you but do you mean like your own theme like how lets you make your own theme like that? If I’m not seeing your view right, would you maybe be able to explain it better?

Well, having a configurable YAML file to serve as a config source should be self-explanatory.

I would consider alacritty's config as a good example: alacritty.yml

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Allow the users to set a custom color theme.

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Hi @kaynetik @danrew-50 & @suyashdeshpande - thanks for sharing your request! While our initial focus will be on shipping additional themes that make GitHub more inclusive and give our community more choice, we have thought about the idea of allowing users to create their own custom themes. The YAML-based suggestion you shared @kaynetik is particularly interesting!

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