Proposal: Community for projects

Proposal: Community for projects

Github Community Forums is a good initiative, I applaud the effort. No criticisms just a suggestion.

I’d like to see this infrastructure available to all github projects so we can start conversations with project owners without having to create a topic here or searching an endless sea of topics. So while these general sections are important being related to github, help, pages and general chat, it would be wonderful if each project had its own topic autogenerated on creation and people could comment, ask questions, brainstorm, design and collaborate not here but in the same page of the project, just like “Issues” but for social exchange.

So creating a github project will also create a topic in this forum under a hidden section “projects” (hidden because it will have millions of topics) adding a tab “Community” on top of the project just between “Wiki” and “Insights” which will link to the respective topic in this forum. So the community engagement will be available directly in the project and not having to search among millions of topics. It won’t cost too much to implement, just a link and an extra line in the batch process for project creation that redirects the link to the respective topic in the Projects subforum like:

Of course what you have right now will stay as it is, general github topics for welcome, help, pages and general chat, but the real meat of the Community Forums would be in the social exchange in every project.

Thanks for reading.


One more thing. As the project and the community grow, the owner of the project should be able to add sub-topics to his/her own community, like requests for future versions, design ideas, installation guides, questions and answers, funding strategies, requests for help, etc.

Also mod powers for project owners in their own communities.

Hi @kuyawa,

Thanks for the feedback and idea!

For now, the best way to submit bug reports or feature requests for the Forum is via our contact page ( GitHub Staff working in the Forum will see and respond to those requests there.

That said, I do want to share that we are working on a new tool and process for submitting these sorts of feature requests for the Community Forum (and for This is still in the investigative stage, and I don’t have a timeline to share, but we are planning on improving this process.

We also recognize the desire for feature requests to be visible to other users, commented on, and even voted on. These are all things that we are taking into consideration when looking at implementing a new process.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I’ll be locking this thread from further replies, and I encourage you to send your feature request via the contact form linked above.

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