Promoting a collaborator to Owner (or similar)

To make sure we’re talking about the same thing - I’m faced with a problem on the LucCoiffier/DSS repository (which isn’t a “Organization” type repository).

The original Owner (Luc Coiffier) is not really active these days, so I asked him to promote me to Administrator/Owner level.  However the Collaborators page doesn’t appear to offer this capability.

I suppose I could fork this project to perdrix52/DSS but and then tell the world that LucCoiffier/DSS is defunct, but I’d much rather not do that.

What’s the trick please - I assume this must be possible?

Thanks, David Partridge

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The owner of a repository is capable of  transferring ownership of a repository by visiting the  Settings of the repository they want to transfer ownership of. Once there, the owner must scroll down to the “Danger Zone” and click the Transfer button and type in the current repository name and the new owner’s name.

For all information about transferring ownership of a repository, you can visit the GitHub Help article regarding this topic! Hope this helps.

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