Promote Versioned gh-pages docs using a git tag?

I am using gh-pages for my project docs (ex: I very much appreciate the gh-pages platform in easily promoting seamless documentation!

With that said, I would very much like to promote versioned documentation (so users have easy access to the docs matching their installed version).

I actually maintain a git tag for my gh-pages branch, so all the resources are available for each doc revision (ex:

_ My question is: _ Is it possible (or could an enhancement be requested) to promote a “versioned” gh-pages site (based on a tagged release of the gh-pages branch)?

Certainly I realize that I can maintain versioned directories within my docs, however this is a bit cumbersome, seeing that I have everything needed in this simple tagged version of the docs?

If this is not currently possible , can you point me to a spot where a request could be made in support of this feature?

Your help is greatly appreciated.


I don’t know if it’s currently possible. I don’t use GitHub pages myself, although it does make a lot of sense to me that this would be possible.

However, if you want to proceed and turn it into a feature request you should do that here:

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