Promote Typescript

can GitHub promote Typescript and try to discurage using of Javascript.
In my experience Javascript packages are harder to understand and it takes more time to use them. When it doesn’t work, I usually get no error message, it just does nothing. And it’s ususally impossible to debug it.
Also there are still a lot jQuery packages out there (yuck).

Can you please promote TS, maybe showing TS packages higher is the search, maybe showing warning for JS packages about code quality, something like that.


Hi @paveldvorak5,

I appreciate you sharing your opinion on Typescript vs Javascript. However, GitHub is not in the business of trying to tell developers what languages they should or should not use. Instead, GitHub seeks to be the home of all developers including both Javascript and Typescript developers.


Hi, I agree that GitHub should support all languages, I just thought that some notification about a better alternative wouldn’t hurt. Just a thought