Promote Dependabot commands

Brief summary

Promote Dependabot commands such as @dependabot rebase when looking at a Dependabot pull request.

Current situation

Whenever I want to trigger a rebase of a Dependabot pull request, I have to scroll down to the comment section, type and submit the comment manually.

Desired outcome

Allow triggering of Dependabot commands right from the command palette. Selecting a command e.g dependabot rebase will create a comment on the users behalf to initiate the desired Dependabot command.

Other benefits

Rather than hard coding this command, the command palette could read/expose “Saved replies”. That way users can easily add custom commands/messages like this allowing use-cases beyond Dependabot commands.

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Thanks for sharing this feature request @stefanbuck! I’ve added this to our backlog to review supporting in upcoming releases of additional commands.

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