Projects not listing dependencies anymore


I’m just writing up some usage stats on my project, to find we no longer have any dependent packages! Given we had a few hundred a couple weeks ago, I really hope this isn’t the case.

Any idea what’s going on?

Here’s one of the projects and it’s current dependents page:

My current guess as to what’s happening: (update: probably wrong, see below)

  • We switched build tools (from setuptools to flit).
  • Now, github can’t parse our dependencies since they’re in pyproject.toml.
  • Somehow this means github also can’t figure out who depends on us?

But this is just conjecture, which I’ll try to investigate more. Would really appreciate any insight on what to do here!


It looks like this isn’t working for other python projects like pandas:

Seems like less of a configuration problem on our end and more like a github bug?

@jurre @feelepxyz any idea?

Solved. Turns out something messed up on github’s end. I opened a ticket and it got fixed in a few hours. Something about “packages were no longer correctly associated with your repositories”.