Projects Board Automation Not Working As Expected

When adding automation to project board columns for issues and PR, I have set it up so that

  1. Newly added or reopened issues go into ToDo column
  2. Closed issues go into Done column
  3. Newly added PR’s go into Review in progress column
  4. (As expected, I move issues from ToDo to In progress manually)

All of the above work. However, when merging PR created with a linked issue (either via keyword closes #ISSUE_NUMBER or manually linking the issue), the PR will automatically move from Review in progress column to Done column but the issue itself does not move from InProgress column to Done column, and is not marked as Closed.

Is this a known bug?

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My general experience is that it works as expected.

Beware that closing Issues via auto-linked references like closes #<PR_NUM> only take effect when merging into the default branch (i.e. main/ master, unless you’ve changed it). So, if you’re merging in a dev branch, the Issue won’t close until it’s also merged into the default branch.

If that’s the case (i.e. if you adopt a dev-branch based workflow), you might consider setting the baseline dev branch as the default branch.

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