Project site while using CNAME on Org site

I have an Org site at with this repository:

And a CNAME in my domain like this:

Now I’d like to setup this project site:

But if I try to browse it redirects to, which yields a 404.

This is very similar to the issue reported here:

But the responses there do not clarify my problem. In particular, according to a GitHub support person:

> Yep the will automagically serve user/projectname gh-pages content.

But apparently it’s not working in my case. Anything I’m doing wrong?

Hi there @juanlu001,

Thanks for being part of the Community Forum. I’ll help as best I can.

If you’ve never published to GitHub Pages before from a particular repo, then things should magically start publishing when you create a gh-pages branch. But if you previously selected some other branch that doesn’t exist anymore, you may have to go to the repo settings and select gh-pages here:

If that still doesn’t do the trick, I’d recommend reaching out to private support at so we can dig a little deeper.


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Hi Nadia,

Thanks for your help! The repository was indeed properly configured, but to make sure I made a commit to gh-pages and… The pages appeared! Problem solved.