Project site shows organization site

My project site for a repo named ‘groceries’ ( does not show the contents of the grocery repo. Instead, it shows the contents of the organization site (

I am using separate branches named ‘gh-pages’ for both repos, and the sites are written with Svelte.
I read something about sirv --single catching all urls, so I removed ‘–single’ from start in package.json, with no apparent effects.


How can I make the project site display it’s own content?

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This is hard to be certain of because of the custom domain but -

I’ve seen similar before and I suspect the problem is the/groceries folder in your organisation repository.

Because of the way the Pages URLs work, your organisation repository will be at

And any folder in that Pages repository will show up as

(in this case, your index.html is in the public folder, which then contains /groceries.) Your readme seems to indicate that is the default folder.

A separate Pages site in your organisation will be hosted at

This means that you can’t have a /groceries folder in your organisation Pages site repository AND also have a Pages site for a repository called groceries.

Again, harder to troubleshoot with the custom domain on top of this, but changing that folder name would be the first thing I would try. Rebuid, and then clear caches and see :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response! I was able to find a solution.

When building with Svelte, a build folder is generated. This folder is referenced to in index.html. The problem seems to be that the index file in the groceries repo was pointing to the build folder in the organization repo. Adding groceries/ to the refs solved the problem.

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