project page get associated with user page


I have a user page at that’s aliased by

Now I’m trying to create a project page for one of my repo. To experiment, I created a new repo:

I pushed some stuff to docs, I went to settings and chose to source from master/docs.

now it says that my site is availble under:

I do not want to use my domain for this project. How can I give the project a regular ‘’ domain (or anything else). What If I didn’t have a custom domain?

Hi @itaysk,

Thanks for being here! GitHub provides a single URL per account or organization using the account/organization username. 

If you’d like to change this you’ll need to change your account’s username. You should be aware of some side effects of renaming your account, listed here:

Alternatively, you could create a new account and transfer the repository to that account:

Once the repository is transferred, make sure it is renamed to [newusername]

Lastly, you can configure a publishing source for the new repository which would enable GitHub Pages:

I hope this helps

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