Project not update contributor datas

From the last days, the Apache Pulsar project is not updating contributor data. It can only update new contributors to the list, but all the existing contributors contribution does not update anymore.

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Troubleshooting contributors

If you don’t appear in a repository’s contributors graph, it may be because:

  • You aren’t one of the top 100 contributors.
  • Your commits haven’t been merged into the default branch.
  • The email address you used to author the commits isn’t connected to your account on GitHub.

the default view is the top 100 contributors, you may want to select a specific date like this, to see certain contributors at that time

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I don’t agree with you. My github id is Technoboy-, you can find my contributions here : Commits · apache/pulsar · GitHub, there are 35 items every page, I have made 112 contributions totally. But in the contributor list, I only make 106.
Not only me, but others are all wrong.

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at this point, it’s just loading, somewhat on the side of GitHub, so I can’t check, there is another post here telling it can’t display contributors, maybe we need to wait

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Hi, @jdevstatic Do we have any updates for this issue?

@Technoboy Hi, I’m also meeting this problems. Did it solved?

I can open the contributor list. Not only the rank of the list is not updated, but also the contribution lines…

I got a reply from GitHub support. It’s due to maintenance of insights charts…

How to resubmit the LOGO application and delete the previously submitted application

it’s returning correctly, isn’t it ?

but I’m not very sure how long it will update to match the latest commits

Do you mean the data will eventually be updated & corrected, and it’s just a matter of time?

No, still incorrect.

I open a ticket to github support team for help. They helped me refresh the data of the project manually and it returned to normal.

seems that’s an on-going problem

Could you help take a look at this issue or where could I feedback to the support team ?

How to open that ticket? where is the entrance?

at the GitHub Feedback product team

Choose Other Support.

I ran into the same issue.