Project loads fine locally but not on Github Pages?

I’ve had this issue for a while now where my project loads perfectly fine locally when you clone the code and open the index.html in the browser, but then when you push all the code up and try to look at it hosted on Github Pages, not all of the assets load and the game is not playable. Yet, when you open the dev tools console, there are no errors at all, and if you put in console logs to check the load status of the individual assets and to see if all the functions are being called coorectly, they all print out to true. Specifically, the title/opening screen should display a space background as well as a solar flare background and the play screen should have the same space background scrolling with a helicopter image and asteroid images. Here is the link, to see for yourself:

I  have tried everything from various types of asynchronous loading of the assets first (document onloads, setTimeouts, jQuery calls, etc.), to changing the asset hosting from the local folder to absolute URL’s, to cache-clearing, to re-installing Chrome, re-establishing the Github Pages connection, etc. and have not found a fix for it yet. Just wondering if it’s something simple that I’ve been overlooking or if anyone has seen an issue like this before and can recommend a new strategy, it’s hard to tell where the issue lies exactly.


I’m having the same problem; I’ve had sucess in the past, but this time I’m using about 40 sound files and all of them are 404. Is there a file number limit, or total size limit? Each of the files is pretty small.