Project Kanban features

I find the standardized project kanban super useful to handle To do and Done issues and track the progress of a project, but some of the features seem insufficient / incomplete to me:

Project Tracking

Issues outside To do / In Progress / Done standard columns are not counted for project tracking.
Say, for example that I want to split my issues in more than one column like:

  • To do in May / To do in June, To do by Team A / To do by Team B etc… Only one of these columns counts as To do, rest don’t count at all
  • [Done in March] [Done in April] or [Done bugs] [Done enhancements] … Only one of these columns actually counts as ‘Done’
    I get that Automation needs to have one ‘landing’ column, but would be nice to have secondary columns where you can move issues after the landing, while still keeping them as part of the project progress.

[In progress] Automation

Issues don’t move to ‘In progress’ after some work has been done on them, we need to move them manually.
Wouldn’t it be logical to have the automation do this triggered by certain actions? such as

  • A user has made a comment
  • One or more checkboxes in the issue description have been checked
  • The PR this issue is linked to is in progress / closed

I think this idea has only been implemented on PRs.

Creating your own Automation

Has anyone else found a way to add more rules to the Automation? I checked the docs and didn’t see any way to do this myself. Here’s a use case I have:

One or more of my issues have ‘High Priority’ label. I’d like to have those issues always moved to the ‘High Priority’ column, which we discuss first on our meetings, and also to see them as a separate color / category on the project tracking. Of course what I do right is click on that label from the kanban to quickly filter them but it feels like this could be its own column.

Same thing happens to me for ‘Delayed’ issues. We all know issues don’t have a due date (which I guess was a decision made long ago and for many reasons) but we like to at least decide which of them are overdue, so we place them on a ‘Delayed’ column. Would make sense to have them showing on the project tracking as a % of the total issues in the project which are running late.

On occasions I’ve even used the GitHub API to export the issues myself and create my own columns on a visualization tool such as Tableau or PowerBI but it’s tedious and I feel like this shouldn’t be necessary.

Would love to hear input from other project managers in the Community, how do you work around these insufficiencies?

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You should be able to do this automation using GitHub Actions. Have you looked into that option?