Project Involves Communication Between Two Applications

Hello all,
I’m trying to be brief here but you can find more info about my project in the readme of the repository URL:

If you have Godot installed it might be a good idea to play the game first (it is not a difficult one you just have to navigate the maze, avoid the enemies and collect the 5 coins). The installation links for Pd & Godot and descriptions of these applications are there in the readme.

Essentially, what I want is to implement code in Godot that enables me to control sound through Pd. This can be done more simply in Godot but for reasons stated in the Readme I need to learn how to do it through Pd for the project I’m trying to undergo. I believe connecting two apps like this requires some sort of network communication. Either way, I’m looking for the simplest possible solution to communicate and send messages from Godot to Pd.

If anyone has experience with these applications, your probably better suited to help - many thanks.

OS: Windows 10, 64-bit
Relevant images:

(godot script needs code for send message through a port under “_on_Timer_timeout”)

(Pd needs to receive a message through the network port from Godot somehow. The Pd code has at least one error as sel 1 should connect to the objects underneath through right outlet, not left. I was just guessing with how netreceive should fit in the patch as I’ve never used that object before.)