Project for school

How does the pulling and pushen work on GitHub the way CLion, Pycharm,… works? Because for a schoolproject we are making or own IDE and adding a github feature to it, but I don’t find how I can do it the way other IDE’s can. They don’t need SHH keys or usernames/passwords to push.

Hope someone can help me, thanks.

They definitely do, but they might have them cached somewhere. For example when using SSH it’s common to use whichever keys the user already has configured. :wink:

For HTTPS you could also implement an OAuth authentication flow via the browser instead of asking the user to enter credentials.

If you implement your own credential cache, consider security (can anyone steal the credentials, for example if they steal the disk), and allow the user to opt out if they prefer.

Thank u for your response :slight_smile: , I will look in to it.