Project card updated event not triggered from archiving/restoring

We are currently integrating GitSpeak with GitHub Projects. It becomes impossible to keep things in sync since archiving a project card does not result in any sort of event / webhook being dispatched from GitHub. You archive/restore cards through the updateProjectCard mutation, so I would guess that this should also trigger an updated event ( like it does if the note/content is changed). Is this a bug?

Hi @somebee,

Thanks for being here! Apologies for the delay sounds like you are having an issue specific to GitSpeak. Perhaps you might find more information on their community repo.


Hi. I’m the lead developer of GitSpeak, a GitHub App that is currently in the process of integrating tightly with GitHub Projects. I’m trying to report that archiving project cards (on GitHub) does not fire any sort of event (like project_card_updated). This makes it very difficult to keep an external board in sync with github projects. Ie, imagine if issue_closed event was never fired when issues are closed.