Project Boards: How to add metadata and keep columns concise

Is there anyway in GitHub project boards to add metadata or a description to a note but not have that show up by default when displaying all notes for the column? I only want to see it when I click on the note and open it up. Otherwise, columns are quite cluttered.

With Trello boards, within each note, there’ s a “description” field that I can add comments in. Those are not displayed when viewing the board and this results in a much more concise and cleaner view of all notes in a column. If I click on the note and open it up, then I see the “description”/metadata. Is there a way to do something like that in GitHub?

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Trello note (see how there’s a “description” field)


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How Trello note shows up on the board (“description” field is not visible, columns are clean and not cluttered):


GitHub note (showing everything, no “description field”, so columns will get very long and cluttered as you add more notes, each having it’s own metadata/description):