Project Board with columns mapped to issue queries

I want to create a project board that will incorporate issue queries (primarily using labels on the issues) to filter issues in the various columns. For e.g. I might add the labels “epic” or “experience” to an issue, and the project board would only show issues that are epics or experiences, and other issues that are lower level in the hierarchy for example tasks or bugs would be filtered out.

Is there any way to do this in GitHub’s project board by tweaking the automation?

Alternatively, would it be possible to build external automation that uses the GitHub APIs to filter/identify items and place these on the board?

:wave: @jamshedd: There’s not a way to do that currently given the existing automation options. However, you could create your own application or GitHub Action that leverages our Projects API and Issues API to accomplish what you’re looking to do. I hope this helps!

Thanks, I concluded the same after spending some time this weekend playing around with actions.

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