Project board To Do automation has stopped working

I have had automation set up for a couple of years now and it was working correctly, any new issue I created and added to a project would be automatically added, by automation, to the “to do” column of the project board. This is still set up and I have not changed the settings at all as evidenced by these screenshots.

However, I’ve noticed this has now stopped working correctly and what happens now is, when I do the exact same thing as before, the issue now appears as “waiting to triage” in the right hand column of the issue and appears in the “New” section of the project board. From either of these locations I now then have to manually add the issue to the “Tod Do” column myself and the automation is no longer working.


I face exactly the same issue, hope somebody suggests a solution.

Hi @jayhouse-github,

Thank you for being here! Is it possible that this project board is using the basic kanban template?

Unfortunately, at the moment issues added to a basic kanban project board go to the “awaiting triage” column by default and so the experience you’re receiving is expected.

I realize this may not be the best suggestion but it may be worth noting that issues added to an automated kanban project board go to the “to do” column by default. This would however mean recreating your project board and may not be desirable.

I’ve passed your feedback along to the team and will report back if there are any updates. I can’t make any promises around specific changes or updates, but please trust that your report is in good hands.

Thanks for the reply but, unfortnately, that’s not the case. The project was set up around a year ago as an automated kanban board. Also, the automation was working until around 2-3 weeks ago, at least that’s when I noticed it not working anymore. Plus, the screenshots I supplied show that the To-Do column has automation set up on it and that the automation is set up for new issues to be added to the To-Do column yet it still doesn’t work.

And, as an additional update. To make matters worse, I’ve just added a new issue to the exact same project and the automation did work. So the issue appears to be intermittent or random and it looks like Github have an issue with their project boards automation.

Thanks for the follow up @jayhouse-github, I’ll report it as a bug internally. Thanks again for taking the time to reach out.

I have also been having this same issue for the past week or two. I’ve noticed something that may be helpful.

If I assign an issue to a Project during the issue creation process (before clicking the “Submit New Issue” button), the issue is placed into “Awaiting Triage”, despite the fact that I have a To Do column in the Project set up for moving all new issues.

However, if I assign an issue to a Project after it has been created (once you’re on the page that allows leaving comments), it is correctly moved to the To Do column automatically, without being moved to Awaiting Triage.


We are experiencing the same issue.

Newly created kanban board with automation template works not as expected. Newly created issues not added to To Do column and newly created pull requests associated with issue (manually placed to To Do column) not moving to In Progress

Automation not working when you assign to a Project during creation of issue or pull request

Same thing for me. It used to work like a charm and has stopped working a few days (weeks?) ago.

Sad to say, our team has been experiencing the same issue for the past two weeks or so.

Same here.

We have automation enabled in the “To do” column to add “Newly added” issues.

  • This works when creating a new issue, and selecting the project board, then “Submit new issue” --> issue goes to board and “To do”.

  • However, if you create a new issue, select the project board AND select a milestone, then “Submit new issue” --> issue goes to board but in “Awaiting triage”.

Can reproduce it in in a private repo in an org and a public repo in my account.

We’re also seeing the same behavior. It would be fantastic to have a way to change the project template without having to recreate the entire project.

Unfortunately we’ve had a few issues get lost in “awaiting triage” limbo

Experiencing Same Issue

Also experiencing it. Newly reported issues don’t show up in “Reported” column despite being automated as “ToDo”. One workaround for me is linking the repos to Slack which then notifies me when new issues are reported. I still have to manually add it to the board.

I have the same problem. The “Done” preset works consistently, but nothing else. It has been this way for months.