Project board cards hard to drag and drop

When I drag and drop cards in the project board moving them within a column or from one column to the next is extremely finicky. Sometimes it’ll slot into the right space, but usually it doesn’t recognize that I’m hovering over a new spot or a new column and I have to drag the card around a lot for it to recognize that I’m trying the move the card around.

Anyone else run into this? I’ve had this problem on and off. At one point it seemed not to work at all so I upgraded chrome and it seemed to work a lot better, but just today it stopped working again. I updated chrome again and it’s now hit or miss.

This clearly seems like a bug to me. But is there some other way to move cards as a workaround?

I should add that keyboard shortcuts (press ‘?’ to bring them up) do work fine. So I guess I can select and move cards around that way. But it would still be nice to be able to drag/drop them.