Programming to analyze pixels of photos in order to perceive human energy fields (auras)

Hello Everyone,

I am interested in starting a new project as well as finding programmers to help me on the project in order to perceive human energy fields (auras) through analyzing the pixels of the photos.

It is known that

  1. Certain people are able to perceive the colors of people’s auras.

  2. The same people can perceive them from colored photos and black and white photos as well

  3. The information and colors they perceive from the photos represent the information and colors at the time when the photos were taken.

  4. Health and other predictive information can be obtained through interpreting the colors and shapes of the auras.

Detailed information about the project can be found at

I’d like to get your suggestions on

  1. which language would be the best for such project?

  2. where would be the best place to find such programmers?

  3. anyone interested in such an interesting, meaningful, significant, and paid project and opportunity?

Thank you.