Programming please help

Hello all, I am new to programming and I am stuck on how to fix this.

Exception has occurred: FileNotFoundError
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘settings.json’
File “C:\Users\Home\Python\Python3\Live _bot\”, line 19, in load_settings
data = json.loads(open(‘settings.json’, ‘r’).read())
File “C:\Users\Home\Python\Python3\Live _bot\”, line 27, in
[print(k,v) for k,v in Settings.load_settings().items()]

import json

class Settings():

def __init__(self, pair, units, short_ma, long_ma):

    self.pair = pair

    self.units = units

    self.short_ma = short_ma

    self.long_ma = long_ma

def __repr__(self):

    return str(vars(self))


def from_file_ob(cls, ob):

    return Settings(ob['pair'],ob['units'],ob['short_ma'],ob['long_ma'])


def load_settings(cls):

    data = json.loads(open('settings.json', 'r').read())

    return { k:cls.from_file_ob(v) for k,v in data.items() }


def get_pairs(cls):

    return list(cls.load_settings().keys())

if name == “main”:

[print(k,v) for k,v in Settings.load_settings().items()]


Please learn to read error messages. This is very important for programming languages.
In your case it clearly says that the settings.json file is missing.

Yes, thanks. The settings.json appears to be the folder where my program is running.