Programming Movie Selection Based on Questionnaire using Angular 7 & Firestore

Hello everyone! , I am extremely new at using Angular 7 with the firestore and I’ve ran into a coders block. I’m aiming to show the user what movies he/she is interested in based on the answers thats selected from the questionnaire. Once the user selects the answers , I want to be able to pull from the firestore database and show the movies. Then have the option for the user to try again to see whats best for the user. Could someone help me get on the right path or maybe have examples of how can properly code this? I’m also having issues pulling from the database like for example the only movie in the database is “what men want” and for primary genre I have it as Romance and sub genre chick flick, when selected the movie wont pop up.

My project is called TheMovieMaster and users can easily sign in by making an account.