Programmatic way to query notification failure and redeliver message

For integrator needs a reliable notification on changes on GitHub - is there a programatic way to get the delivery failures and order the re-delivery of the notification? On repo admin UI I can see the past delivery and failure and manually redeliver but I’m not seeing any documentation mentioning a programmatic way.

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Thanks for reaching out.

Our developer documentation has recommendations for integrators to increase the reliability that you will successfully receive and handle any payload that is sent. We do not provide a mechanism for programmatically resending a payload.

I hope that helps!

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Thank you for the answer - Definitely agree as integrator should do best to increase the reliability but in reality no service can be guaranteed at 100% availability so we sometime have to make reliable system over unreliable infrastructure (like TCP over IP). So my question is, if my requirement is to have a RELIABLE sync from GitHub to my system, it looks I should NOT COMPLETELY rely on GitHub event notification, but instead do a ‘push+pull’ that rely on GitHub notification as the major source for change but a regular query to ensure nothings is missed in the worst case. Does that make sense?


Yes, that definitely makes sense.

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