Profile section for organisations

Have you ever come across an organisation and you have no clue what the organisation does?
Well, don’t worry you are not the only one stuck there. Github had launched an option for users to greet profile visitors with some insights about the repo owner. I genuinely think this can be highly useful for open source repositories of organisations so that it would provide good insight about the entire repo and what sort of open source contribution they would like to see.

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Hi @darshan-jain,

Welcome to the community, we are happy you are here!

Thanks for sharing, here is a handy Open-Source Project with tips to make your organizations README awesome :sparkler:

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to seeing you around!


I want to solve this exact problem for my organisation, however it seems like this neat trick (as documented here) only works for individual accounts, and not for organisation accounts. But maybe I’m missing something, because I don’t see anything explicitely stating it is impossible

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