Profile picture update doesn't affect repository links

I recently updated my profile picture. If I paste a link to my profile somewhere, such as discord, the picture next to the embed looks fine. But a link to any of my repositories still uses my old pfp:


Profile link at the top, repo link at the bottom.

Not only I haven’t found a way to fix this, I haven’t even found a single topic on this.

Thank you for being here @jekyllgrim! I’ve removed the old avatar from your account. You should see the new one when adding it to any new sites. For the history ones that might’ve been cached, you may also want to check with Google support about any possible cached search indexing. You can send them a request to remove outdated content here:

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Links to my repositories still show the old picture:


I checked the Google removals link, but I can only see an option to request a removal of an inactive indexed URL, not an image. How should I proceed?

чт, 28 мая 2020 г. в 01:31, AndreaGriffiths11 via GitHub Support Community <>:

I think you are good to go now :smile: