Profile picture update doesn’t affect repository links

I recently updated my profile picture. If I paste a link to my profile somewhere, such as telegram, the picture next to the embed looks fine. But a link to any of my repositories still uses my old profile picture.


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:wave: Welcome!

Looks like you’ve stumbled on a known issue that we are working on. If there’s a specific historical profile pic you’d like me to permanently delete, please let me know which one!


Please remove the Anonymous face mask profile picture.


That one appears to be gone already.

Are you seeing the Anonymous mask on other platforms? I can only reproduce it on Telegram myself, so I’m wondering if it might be cached.

It’s happening on telegram, haven’t tried it on another platform. You could try using this link, you should see the Anonymous face mask :

I think I found the issue. (it was me looking at the wrong profile!) Do you want to try it again?

Just tried again, looks like it’s still showing

It’s still happening for me too in Telegram, but not anywhere else.

At this point, I have to guess there’s a cache on Telegram’s side and I’m afraid we won’t be able to assist with that. It might be worth reaching out to them.

I’m sorry we couldn’t be of more help here.