Profile picture not deleted from GitHub database

To whom it may concern,

I have sent a number of emails to Github to see why my profile picture still shows on Google images after I removed it from Github over a year ago.

6 months ago someone replied and said we cleared your cache and asked me to check with Google. Google said my account had been crawled a few times in the last 6 months and if the picture was hard deleted, it shouldn’t have appeared on the search results. It seems like the picture is still in the GitHub database.

Here are the last two ticket numbers: #920914, #696716

Please get back to me with some solution or I’ll have to go consider a different approach.


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Hello and welcome to the community forum @kasraaaaa.

I’m afraid we have no control over what Google caches, so you will normally need to contact them for help with any photos or outdated content appearing in the search results. You can send them a request to remove outdated content here:

(or from 19th January 2021 this tool:

I’ve double-checked and can confirm the image you sent in one of your tickets does not reside on our server any longer. All caches of the image have indeed been purged.

However, for your convenience I’ve used the image option in the second tool myself to submit this via the “copy link address” method. Hopefully this will update soon but again, it’s not actually under the control of GitHub, we’re at the mercy of Google I’m afraid.

I’ll let you know when I see any status other than “Pending” for the request I logged.

Hi again @kasraaaaa :wave:

A quick update, I’ve just checked and my request in the Google removal tool I linked previously has had its status updated to “Approved”.

I did a quick check and it appears to have been removed from the search results as far as I can tell.

Billy :cowboy_hat_face: