Problems with veryfying a domain on organisation

I’m in the process of verifying my domain used for some GitHub Pages on an organisation I own, but I do encounter some issues.

The main issue is, that I already have the domain “verified” through the “Verified & approved domains” setting on the organisation settings, which seems to use an identical TXT entry name as the Pages domain verification does.
This makes it impossible for me to have the same entry with a different value in my DNS section which by extension makes it impossible for me to verify and protect my domain for GitHub pages.

Is there any way on how I could fix this issue?


The TXT record for Pages domain verification starts with the _github-pages-challenge- prefix as opposed to _github-challenge- for organizations “verified & approved domains”.

Are you experiencing something different?

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I do encounter some issues, yeah, but after looking closer does it seem to be more an issue with the DNS resolver (Cloudflare) as it removes the domain part from the _github-pages-challenge- name.

For example will _github-pages-challenge-example-com become _github-pages-challenge without me adding or removing anything.

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The name of the TXT record is: _github-pages-challenge-{user/organization name}. The record lives on your DNS zone.

Cloudflare (like most DNS providers) probably sanitizes the record name if you try to include the DNS zone (e.g. a suffix) which is right.

For instance with this verification:

It should look like that in Cloudflare:

Let us know if that helps. Don’t hesitate to post screenshots too (you can scramble the value of the TXT record).

Our documentation has detailed step by step instructions that may help you too.


As mentioned before is the issue that CF is apparently stripping away the last part (the organisation name) from the TXT entry.

Like in my case did I put _github-pages-challenge-purrbot-site (The org is called purrbot-site) but when I saved it was the name suddenly changed to _github-pages-challenge without any reason why.

And the only thing I can think of is that CF is just - as you mentioned -sanitizing the name by removing the domain part from it, since it’s identical to the actual domain with the exception of the dot being a dash instead.

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Oh interesting! I can reproduce that.

I suggest reaching out to Cloudflare support. That sounds like a bug in their user interface.

Alternatively it seems their “import from a file” feature does not seem to be impacted by this bug:

You can format a simple txt file like that (replacing the first part by your actual record name):

_github-pages-challenge-qingy-cyou 60 TXT value-of-the-txt-record
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