Problems with verifying domain

Hello I own the organisation AdaptOS and I have a website for it but the Donain registrar does not let me change my DNS records without changing my name servers which I cannot do as i need my Name servers to point to my host my host is and domain provider is Namesilo.
Would I be able to verify my domain?
The domain is and yes I am going to build the website myself but for a while its gonna need to run on wordpress

Hi @jamesfromadaptos, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! I presume you’re talking about verifying your domain with an organisation and not about hosting a GitHub Pages site using that domain, is that correct?

If that’s the case I’m afraid the only way to verify your domain is to add a TXT DNS record to it. You’ll likely need to reach out to your domain registrar to ask about modifying your DNS records and see if they can make some form or exception.