problems with publish branch - Will not upload to already exists files

That’s how I could use my barber computer to work with my website. But when I download files it seems just fine for me. but when I have to upload it to github, it gives me problems.
That’s how it goes and tells me it’s on github.

And yes, it does, but I’d like it to upload the files that I’m right or like.

How do I do it?

thus making it upload all the time and no matter what on the folder I have.

And this are private folder

Hi @jesperpetersendk Thanks for being part of the GitHub Community Forum! 

Apologies, but I don’t fully understand what’s being asked. I think it sounds like you might need help with a private repository or something else that requires looking at your private account details. I think it’d be best to connect with our private support at, if you haven’t already. We may be better able to help there.

I have contact with you but I am still waiting for answers from Nick Cannariato

@jesperpetersendk Oh, great! If you’ve already written in to private support, you will be hearing from someone soon. I would recommend continuing the conversation with private support at this point. Thanks!