Problems with OAuth app on Next.js with next-auth & prisma

I’m not sure if I have selected the right forum.

I may have multiple problems, so first let me say I’m a bit confused about my Github account(s)? I appear to have two, but I don’t know how that happened. They both have my same profile, but in one I sign in with my username and in the other with my email account. I may also have made a similar mistake when deploying to Vercel. I know I initially set up the account with my email, but then authorized Github signin and began logging into Vercel that way.

My first Vercel deployment I did from Github Desktop. Since then, I began doing them via Git and source management from vscode, doing my commits from there. I don’t know if those are two completely different things. Maybe I should go back to using Desktop.

I discovered that Vercel doesn’t use my .env from my local settings. I had to create Environment Variables there. It’s not always clear exactly how to make them through their interface, but after redeploying I used the Vercel CLI to do a vercel env pull and then checked the downloaded Vercel ENV and make sure the items in my local .env were all there with the same exact values and names.

I could not get next-auth to work using both their EmailProvider and their GithubProvider settings at the same time. It was one or the other. I could get email alone to work. I’m using Mailtrap for that, but at least at this point nobody can really log in because all verification emails come to me at Mailtrap, so I tired using the GithubProvider alone. I’m using a PostgreSQL db on Railway.

I read a lot in the NextAuth docs and tried to follow video help, making my app as simple as possible to get the essentials working. I also sought Vercel help because I though maybe it was a problem there. With the callback url set to the vercel deployment with the Vercel callback api attached at the end and the homepage set to the vercel deploy site, my Github app is still not working.

Where can I go for help on this? Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions?