Problems with new release: tag message, upload binary


I’m having some problems with making a new release.  When I make a new release by pushing a tag, initially the tag message shows up as the release description, but when I edit the release to upload a binary file it disappears.

I do the following:

In local repo:
push next branch and associated annotated tag
On GitHub:
choose Releases.  The new tag shows up as a release.
Choose rel2.2.0-beta-2017-11-06.  Release appears with tag message:

 0 commits
 to master           since this tag 

…[message content].

I want to add a binary download, so I choose Edit Tag.
The page with Tag Title and Describe This Release edits appear, but they are empty.  

Why did the release description text from the tag disappear?

So I fill in the title and description and hit Browse to upload a binary.  I upload a EXE file, and it says:

 Something went really wrong, and we can’t process that file.
… and
Publish release
     Saving draft failed. Try again?

Chose Try another file, nothing happens.
Refresh page, title and description are empty.

I filled in the title and description again and retried a couple of times with the same results.  I think I forgot to fill in the title and description and it uploaded the file and it worked.  I then filled in the title and description again and was able to publish the release.

What’s going on?  Can I upload the binary without choosing Edit Tag?

(Note: I’m blind, so there may be something I’m missing on the page, and the names of page items I mention may be the ALT text for them which may be slightly different from what appears on the screen.  Also, no one has seen the screen shots before now!)