Problems separating _site to deploy branch

I’m fairly new to using git/jekyll, so pardon my ignorance. I am using some plugins for my jekyll site, and it’s causing some things to not render properly. Specifically I am using paginate-v2, and I suspect the inclusion of paginator.posts in my blog page is causing posts to not render (since it’s tied to the plugin and renders fine locally). I followed this article for separating _site and source code into master/source branches, but with just having _site in the master branch, github doesnt recognize the repo as a website repo. Am I doing something wrong? Is it possible to get github pages to only consider _site when building remotely?

Nevermind, got it working by moving _site content into the root directory & adding .nojekyll


I’m trying to get this working too and even with all the _site contents in root with a .nojekyll file I don’t think it is serving properly. What do you see under Environments / Deployment in your repo? Mine shows an Abandoned deployment in the activity log

Working now all good