problem with vcffilter from vcflib

Hi to everyone! I don’t have much experience in this field! I’m trying to filter a VCFfile following this tutorial  I download vcflib  from this site but I can’t use the command vcffilter. I see that in the folder vcflib/bin, but I don’t know how to use it because if I put the command in the terminal it says like this “No command ‘vcffilter’ found, did you mean:
Command ‘vcf_filter’ from package ‘pyvcf’ (universe)
vcffilter: command not found”

Could someone help me? Thanks.

Hi @lucia12345678,

Because you’re looking for information about a specific project hosted on GitHub, you might have better luck getting help via the project’s repository. I’d recommend going through the project’s README for information and details on how to use the tool you’re asking about, as well as find further information or help. Sometimes projects will accept questions or suggestions via issues in their repo.

Best of luck!