Problem with SSH key

Hi! I am trying to enter SSH key on GitHub. I generated it with “ssh-keygen” command. And I got a message “Key is invalid. You must supply a key in OpenSSH public key format”. What should I do? My SSH key is a big amount of symbols, as it should be. It doesn’t start with “ssh-rsa” or other words, described in GitHub. How should I get the key in correct form?

That command is the right one, but could you add the complete command?

Then it’s likely you’re not copying the right file. The filename should end with .pub. ssh-keygen should have asked you where to store the file, if you accepted the default it should be named something like (if using RSA).

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I am having the same issue and Yes i am copying the .pub file and not the pvt key . Still it won’t work . I tried everything , generated and regenerated the key multiple times. Any help plz. I am on windows