Problem with simple code and new to Python/Kivy

I just got through a struggle just to get Kivy installed and am trying an on-line tutorial.  I got through the first two projects and am stuck of the third one.  It scarcely has 20 lines of code in two files (.py and .kv).

The YouTube video is by Derek Banas (

I do have the png file in the folder but I do not see how to include that here.  It would be easier if I could attach a file  but I do not see that option.

Here is the .kv code followed by my .py code.

	font_size: 32
	size: 150, 50
	background_normal: ''
	background_down: 'bkgrd-down-color.png'
	background_color: .88, .88, .88, 1

			text: "Random1"
			pos: root.x, 200

			text: "Random2"
			pos: 200, root.y

			text: "Random3"
			pos: 200, 400


import kivy

from import App
from kivy.uix.widget import Widget

class customWidget(Widget):

class customWidgetApp(App):

    def build(self):
        return customWidget()

customWidget = customWidgetApp()