Problem with repository

Hi there.
I am complitly fresh according Github and programing.
Would you be so kind helping me to resolve my problem?
I want to push my work to the online repo.
This is what showes in my terminal and I do not know what to do :confused:

git push origin master should be the right command. Regarding username/password you could probably save yourself a lot of trouble by using SSH authentication, but there was a successful login (the one that led to “remote: Repository not found”), so that’s not the issue here.

However, I’m wondering: Do you have write access to the repository? The URL tells me it doesn’t belong to you, so you won’t be able to push unless the owner explicitly allows you to. If you don’t have write access, what you should do is:

  1. Fork the repository.
  2. Push to your fork instead.
  3. Create a pull request to ask for your changes to be included in the original repository.
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Thank you @airtower-luna! Currently I don’t have this issue because I don’t have a terminal here