Problem with page made by a repository

I made a blog with Github Pages and Jekyll. For my Persian blog, i made a repository named farsi and converted it to a page so it would be available at Now sometmes when i open my blog by my iphone, page doesn’t open and it appears like a file and it wants to open in Telegram messenger. 

Can somebody tell me what should i do?

It looks fine to me, from the computer and from my phone(I have an iPhone as well). Perhaps you refreshed it too quickly after you just changed the name of the repository? Sometimes, it takes a while to update.

No i didnt change the name. i build it about the week ago and i get this message from last night. It doesn’t happen all the time but it happens some times.

Hi @alirezahayati,

I just took a look, and I’m actually now getting a 404 when trying to visit your website. Did you change anything since you posted this? You may need to reach out to private support to get further help; they can take a look at your account in detail.

Yeah, i took it down.