Problem with name domain

Hello every body. I hope you are fine. I’ve just subscribed in GitHub. When i wanted to use the option " Get your GitHub student benefits", my email was not approved by GitHub, giving me this notification “W do not allow applications from this email domain, please apply with a different email address”.
My email domain is “”.
All my thanks and best greetings to all GitHub team and ta all the users.
I hope that someone can help me.

:wave: Welcome!

If the Education app isn’t allowing that email address, I’m afraid you will have to apply with a different one.

Usually email addresses aren’t accepted from domains where email addresses are often used by people who are not enrolled in the school, and therefore cannot prove enrolment. You can always use a non-academic email address, like gmail or protonmail for instance, and provide a copy of a university ID or dated transcript to prove your enrolment.