Problem with merge commit to master

Hi I try to merge one branch to master, but I don’t have change.

for example I have lesson-11 with the last update, but when I try to do merge, say is updated, but don’t the changes.


$ git diff master lesson-11
diff --git a/app/Http/Controllers/QuestionsController.php b/app/Http/Controllers/QuestionsController.php
index 6c8d157…4669882 100644
— a/app/Http/Controllers/QuestionsController.php
+++ b/app/Http/Controllers/QuestionsController.php
@@ -64,7 +64,13 @@ class QuestionsController extends Controller
public function show(Question $question)

  • //
  • $question->increment(‘views’);
  • // $question->views = $question->views + 1;
  • // $question->save();
  • return view(‘’, compact(‘question’));

Hey there, @sllem1975 ! Since you wrote in, I’m wondering if you’re still experiencing this issue?

If so, have you considered pushing  the lesson-11 branch to your repository on and opening a pull request that proposes that branch’s changes to your master branch? That can be a great way of visualizing the changes exist on lesson-11 in such a way that master does not yet have them incorporated:

If you prefer _not _to use’s pull request feature, could you describe how you’re merging branch-11 into master? The full textual copy of the specific Git command you’re running (git merge) may offer some insight into what changes do ( or don’t exist).

Official documentation for git merge