Problem with master/docs - Partially Working

I’m having trouble with my setup for GitHub pages. I’m using typedoc to generate docs for my project and when I run a local server the docs directory appears to work correctly. However when I use GitHub pages it sort of work. By that I mean the index.html page (and the globals.html) in the docs directory is working however none of the other pages or assets are loading from subdirectories. I don’t think it’s a problem with typedoc because of the local server but I could be mistaken. Which makes me think there might be something wrong with my GitHub pages configuration. Any advice would be helpful.

You can see the partially working site at:

And the repository at:

I’ve been having the same result for about a day now. I thought if I gave it enough time things might fixed itself but apparently not. I’ll try to avoid changing the docs for the time being.

Site note: I breifly switched to hosting all of master and had the same effect when navagating to the the same urls just with /docs/ in the middle.

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It appears that you’re running into the issue where files that start with underscores are not showing up. You can find assistance for this problem in our GitHub Pages help documentation.

But definitely let us know if you have more questions!

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@figraham I wonder whether you have found a solution to this problem. It seems that I have run into exactly the same issue: I generate typescript documenation using typedoc, the results renders perfectly on my machine, but not if served via github’s pages. I tried it both generating the documentation into the ‘docs’ folder, or set up a completely separate repo, both fail (the modules/_main_.html, etc, files are not found). I also tried to manually change the names of the files by removing the underscores, but that did not help either.

Did you find any workaround?



Actually, there is a solution that worked, at least for me. Putting a file .nojekyll into the github page does the job: it switches jekyll “off”, which means that files with a name starting with “_” will work all right.

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I had the same problem and i fix it adding a file .nojekyll like @iherman says. Thanks @iherman !